Cardi BlackBox is dedicated to promote and provide guidance to each of our artists. We introduce their work to audiences and increase their exposure, and help them to develop their art careers through our workshop. Likewise, we have a direct connection with collectors and advise them in their search for the perfect piece for any budget requirement.


Art Leasing

If you want to try an artwork in your space before you buy it in order to know how different works will look in your space, is really a smart idea. If that’s your case, leasing art is a great option. Find out how to lease art from Cardi BlackBox in numerous ways. You can contact us through a phone call, or send us an email. You can also simply visit Cardi BlackBox in Arizona.


Art Workshop

Many artists are eager to learn more and sharpen their skills and talents. Just like any other workshops, we also offer our very own Art Workshop for the artists who need it most. For all interested artist, you may visit the Cardi BlackBox office. Send us an email regarding this matter and will send you the complete details and the map of the location.


Art Exhibitions

Cardi BlackBox Gallery presents diverse collective art exhibitions which are open to the public and feature the work of local artists. Even the artworks of artists who are not native in Arizona with whom we collaborate are being featured in our exhibition. View photos of our creations here.


Advice for Artists

With our years of experience in the industry and art market, Cardi BlackBox Gallery has already been considered as experts. We offer valuable and helpful advice to artists on a range of topics, from practical tips to career development and many more. Get expert advice on everything about arts and in promoting your creations to the public.