Garage Door Springs – Proper Handling and Maintenance

The garage door is quite heavy to open or close manually; therefore it needs torsion springs to operate easily and effortlessly. These springs remain under high pressure, that is why rollers and cables are installed to ease the tasks of lifting the garage door.

Safety measurements should be followed because of the tension, size, and capacity that springs are subject to. Regular inspection and maintenance are needed to ensure that these springs will last longer for several years in a good working position. Even one of them is got damaged, the garage door will not function well and need an immediate replacement at that stage.  If you don’t have the confidence and expertise of doing this type of job, it is good to take the assistance of a professional garage door expert to handle the task of garage door spring replacement.

Although certain small adjustment can be handled personally, it is highly recommended that hire a professional garage door technician to do this major project. There are inherent dangers involved in repairing torsion spring and an expert would be the right person to deal with those problems. Some homeowners got injured while conducting these types of services themselves. Improperly adjusted garage door springs can make the task of opening or closing the garage door tough. Damaged rollers, loose springs, and frayed cables are even deadlier because the heavy garage door might abruptly fall down resulting in fatal accidents.

Regular inspection of the garage door and its connected hardware is compulsory. Manuals are provided by the manufacturers, you may consult it to inspect and maintain all the important components of the garage door including springs, rollers, and tracks. Detailed instructions are given in the manual regarding how to inspect important components, the mechanism of the garage door, and the right way of adjustment and lubrication. Make sure that all the moving hardware of the garage door is tightened securely so that the garage door can run freely and smoothly. You should also look out for signs of potential damages to any part of the garage door. The alignment of tracks is important, it should not fluctuate while opening or closing the garage door.

To evaluate the tension of torsion springs, you just need to open the garage door at its halfway. If it remains at its position then the tension of garage door torsion springs is perfect. In case, garage door falls from its mark, it means that the tension of the spring is too loose. If it is on the other side, the garage door runs further up from the marked position then the tension is excessively tight. You should hire a professional garage door expert to maintain the tension of springs.