About Us

Cardi BlackBox was established by the late famous artist in Arizona. Now, his son is already the one running the gallery to provide opportunities to artists entering the art market. The owner has one vision when he founded the gallery – that all artists should benefit from having their artwork promoted by a professional gallery.

Cardi BlackBox is located in the heart of the famous art district in Arizona. We occupied the ground floor of Scottsdale. The gallery is the center place for art lovers looking to find and buy original and tasteful artwork. Cardi BlackBox is a full art gallery offering high quality and original artworks made by local artists of Arizona. We work closely with the artists so that we can immediately help them whenever they need it and to be able to address problems when they arise.

Cardi BlackBox is a platform for many artists who want to receive a far bigger part from the sale of their work. We offer more here compared to any other galleries. We promote them and their work in a variety of ways. We are not only concerned with the standard creations of every artwork, we also help the artists grow to their maximum potential through training and workshops.

If you need an expert opinion or advice, please meet our experts who make Cardi BlackBox a friendly and professional place. We assure you that all the details of artists’ creations here are handled efficiently. We invite you to our workshop which will help you learn and meet the standards of Cardi BlackBox. Everyone knows that we are not a typical gallery you can find in the art district of Arizona but we are one of the exclusive and premier one. We hope to see you at one of our workshops!