Troubleshooting Tips for Garage Doors

Nowadays, garages are more than just an area to park a car and store other stuff. It is the first part a person sees upon visiting your home.

In addition to this, it can make your life convenient. This is why it is important to schedule periodic maintenance tasks to keep it in tip-top condition. As you know winter is coming and if you are living in an area that experiences harsh climate conditions, then the common problem might be garage door won’t close when cold. Following are the troubleshooting techniques to help you in this regard.

  • Check the power supply. The problem may lie in the situation that the electricity is not getting by the opener. There is also a possibility that the opener has been unplugged. Take professional assistance to trouble the electric problems. 
  • Examine the tracks to make sure that there are no obstructions on the tracks such as pebbles or dirt. Clean them to remove the hurdles. Tracks and rollers should be cleaned and maintained periodically. Dents and warps should also be fixed to allow the garage door to run smoothly.
  • Allow the motor to be cool for about 15 minutes. It can be overheated due to continuing operations. If it is still not working then you need a garage door technician. Try to operate the garage door from the push control button. If it does not function then the keypad could be the problem.
  • If your garage door opens automatically, it could be a security code that creates problems. Your neighbor may be using the same code as you. Try to change the passcode to solve the problem.
  • The moving parts should be tightened securely. Check the transmitter of an opener. If it activates the opener’s driver but still garage door does not open. You should replace the belt of an opener.
  • Check the pulley. If it loose then readjust the belt. Don’t over-tighten the cables as it can cause major problems. Frayed or damaged cables should be replaced immediately. If the garage door won’t close and reverses before touching the ground, the safety sensors could be the problem.

Call a professional garage door expert today if you are still having some troubles with your automatic garage door. They can help you with garage door maintenance and fix any issue that may be encountering your garage door. Just make a call!!