Garage Door Repair is an Easy Task

Fixing a garage door on your own is not as easy a task as it seems. There are certain risks associates with DIY garage door repair projects. An individual does not have the right expertise and tools to manage complex garage door problems.

Simple jobs can easily be carried out by anyone who is comfortable with handy tools. All the major fixing projects or replacement should be done by professionals. The automatic overhead garage door with an electric garage door opener, whether they swing up in one solid piece or rolls up in multiple sections is installed with torsion springs. These are the high tensed springs that are used to counterbalance the weight of the garage door during opening and closing operations. The problems of these springs should be handled by the professional garage door expert like Greenwich, CT garage door repair because these are the high tensed component which can hurt you. Basically automatically garage door runs on the metal tracks which are mounted along with the walls of the garage. The torsion springs provide them enough power to move on the tracks smoothly. In the majority of cases, when the garage door fails to function smoothly, fixing solutions are quite simple which you can handle on your own. Following are the simple garage door repair tips and techniques to help you.

  • Inspect the garage door metal tracks and mounting brackets that connected them to the walls. If the hardware inside the mounting brackets likes, screws, bolts, or nuts becomes loose then you have to tighten them to make them secure. Next, close the garage door properly and inspect the garage door thoroughly to find out crimps, flat spots, or dents. In case, you found any damages, use a hammer or rubber mallet to fix them.
  • Check the garage door tracks to make sure that they are aligned or balance properly. Make sure that the horizontal tracks should be slant slightly downward position and the vertical tracks should exactly plump towards. Check and make sure that both tracks should be at the same length and height as that of the walls of the garage. If you experienced that tracks are not aligned completely, just lose them to adjust properly. There is no need to remove the screws and bolts completely that grips the mounting brackets, just loosen them to slightly adjust the tracks.
  • Clean the garage door to remove any outside unwanted agent. Wash the tracks with the help of mild household cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and any hardened grease.  Avoid using harsh chemicals. Make sure that you have clean the rollers, tracks, and all panels thoroughly and they should wipe out them to clean excess water. For smooth working of the garage door, make sure that you have lubricated all the moving parts of the garage door including tracks, rollers, and pulleys. You may use slight silicone spray or powdered graphite for this purpose.

At the bottom, regular garage door maintenance will help you to keep your garage door functional in a long run. In case of any malfunctioning, minor problems can be done using hardy tools and DIY home improvement techniques but major garage door problems should be handled by professional garage door companies.