This is the FAQ page of Cardi BlackBox and may be updated from time to time so be sure to follow us so you are always updated.


Q: What is Cardi BlackBox?

A: Cardi BlackBox is a full-service gallery located in the art district of Arizona where artists, whether old or new, can line up their artworks for an exhibit. It is also a place where artists can expect to gain exposure from the public especially to art collectors and art professionals. We conduct monthly and quarterly exhibits here.


Q: Who is Cardi BlackBox?

A: Cardi BlackBox is owned and operated by a family who was born in Italy and lived in Arizona. Cardi which is the father and founder of BlackBox is a passionate and dedicated artist in his era before he died. His son who is now running the gallery is also like him. They are known for being an award-winning artist.


Q: Does Cardi BlackBox sell Artwork?

A: Yes. Cardi BlackBox does engage directly in selling the artwork featured in our exhibits at the Cardi BlackBox gallery in Arizona. Cardi BlackBox keeps the full details of artists and their works in our exhibits. All inquiries from buyers and collectors who came to see the artwork on the Cardi BlackBox will be directed to us. It is us who will inform the artist immediately of any concerns especially if it is related to the negotiations.


Q: How does Cardi BlackBox promote my Artwork?

A: If your artworks passed our standards, you and your creation will be a feature in the monthly and quarterly exhibits. Also, we make sure that we introduce you and your arts to the art collectors and aficionados we are in partnership with. Also, your works will be posted in the gallery of our website so that many more people around the world could see your masterpieces.